Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Machinima Demystified: The Experts Share Their Secrets
Author(s): Odette Blanch (SL: Graycon Sonata); Chantal Harvey; Bernard Drax; ThinkererSelby Evans
Moderator(s):Firery Broome
Date Saturday, March 17 06:00
Location: Builder Brewery Pavilion
Abstract In this session, notable Second Life machinima creators will share their expertise through interviews and a panel discussion. You'll learn how to plan a project from start to finish while avoiding time-consuming pitfalls. This session is applicable to all sectors of the educational community. Questions posed to the panel will focus on important issues for educators producing machinima to promote their work and for teachers assigning machinima as a class assignment. Participants will leave with a better understanding of what tools are required to take advantage of machinima through software selection, in-world tools, video techniques unique to virtual worlds, scene creation, set design, location scouting, and managing your time from start to finish. Sample work from the panelists will be available for preview before the session.
Bio(s): Odette Blanch (SL: Graycon Sonata):
Chantal Harvey:
Bernard Drax:
ThinkererSelby Evans:

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