Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title VWBPE Pre-Awards Show: The Art of Micro-Story from Tweet to Machinima
Author(s): Fourworlds ra
Date Saturday, March 17 15:00
Location: Central Auditorium
Abstract The Art of Micro-Story from Tweet to Machinima" will explore some of the innovative ways ultra-short form mediums are being used for storytelling and creative expression, including:
  • Head Injury Theater – Slice of life tweets from a woman caring for two teen daughters, a sister with cancer and a mother with a head injury
  • The Virtual Court Jester – Razor sharp parody echoing emerging virtual world news
  • Deep Tweets – A machinima series based on social network posts
  • 100 Word Stories – A weekly challenge inspiring written word, voice performance, comics and videos
  • Micro-Rants – A series of thematic social network posts published over the course of a day
Bio(s): Fourworlds ra:

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