Track: Invited Speakers

Title The Hypergrid is Ready for You Now
Author(s): Maria Korolov
Moderator(s):Phelan Corrimal
Date Friday, March 16 08:00
Location: Central Auditorium
Abstract Last year, the title of my talk was "Our Hypergrid Future." Today, I will talk about the fact that the hypergrid is now the present. With better-than-ever stability, security, and easy and widespread use of Vivox voice, OpenSim is now ready for real use. Hosting providers like Kitely and Dreamland Metaverse, and OpenSim distributions like the New World Studio and Sim-on-a-Stick, are making it cheaper than ever and easier than ever to get your own world up and running. Meanwhile, the number of grids connected by hypergrid teleport is now more than 70, including many educational destinations. It's not longer just for bleeding-edge pioneers -- its for anyone who wants to invite the world to their virtual spaces.
Bio(s): Maria Korolov:

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