Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Virtual World Residency
Author(s): Randy Hienrichs
Moderator(s):Cyber Placebo
Date Saturday, March 17 14:00
Location: Builder Brewery Pavilion
Abstract Teaching in virtual worlds requires you to understand avatar psychology, virtual worlds culture, 3D architecture, cybergogy, virtual assessment, augmented technologies, cloud based computing and the latest research in social computing. Such a curriculum is really only the beginning of the multidisciplinary skills and processes required to create, teach and learn in virtual worlds. This talk explains how being truly certified in teaching in virtual worlds is imminent, and why it requires not only a robust dialogue and program, but that it requires internships, residency and attending practitioners who can guide new teachers to understand, use and create gaming, virtual worlds, and the immersive Internet.
Bio(s): Randy Hienrichs:

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