Track: Posters

Title Experience Smithsonian Latino Art Collections in LVM’s Art Island
Author(s): Melissa Carrillo
Date Thursday, March 15 19:00
Location: Posters
Abstract Experience Smithsonian Latino Art Collections in LVM’s Art Island: in Second Life. Discover and Explore new ways of experiencing paintings, sculptures and photographs from iherently immersive, highly social learning spaces (virtual worlds). Take a tour with us to learn more about our approaches to experiential learning and paradigm shifts in representation and interpretation of cultural heritage in the age of the social web. Highlights include collections from the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM)- Patsi Valdez’s Magic Room and Smithsonian Archives of American Art- Photographs of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Get a free downloard of Gilbert ‘Magu’ Lujan’s lowrider and ride around our placita (re-interpretation of Magu car sculpture by LVM 3D artist Stacy Fox, courtesy of Reynardine Productions).
Bio(s): Melissa Carrillo:

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