Track: Invited Speakers

Title Representing Latino Cultural Heritage in the Age of the Social Web
Author(s): Melissa Carrillo
Date Saturday, March 17 10:00
Location: Central Auditorium

The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum (LVM) is a cross-platform immersive education initiative based on bilingual mixed media experiences created to enhance visitor's knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Latino Cultural Heritage through innovative and engaging online experiences. Learn more about LVM as a virtual museum model for digital learning and outreach through a brief behind the scenes discussion with Melissa Carrillo, LVM creative director and founder. Ms. Carrillo will be joined by research scholar from the Smithsonian National Museum of American Indian (NMAI) Cynthia Vidaurri and LVM lead artist Stacy Fox to share behind the scenes best practices curating in virtual spaces and the power of virtual worlds as learning spaces. Other special guests include artist/poet/musician Nancy Lorenza Green and writer poet/founder of Mouthfeel Press Maria Miranda Maloney.

Join Smithsonian staff for guided tours of LVM SL immediately following this session.

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