Track: Keynote

Title WoW in School: the Hero's Journey
Author(s): Peggy Sheehy; Lucas Gillispie
Moderator(s):Abacus Capalini
Date Thursday, March 15 17:00
Location: Central Auditorium
Abstract For more information on the projects please go to:WoW in School wiki blog on World of Warcraft in schools tour 6am - 730 am  on Friday March 16th, SLT Departure Area on PostersThis tour is a  World of Warcraft Field Trip With The WoWinSchool Project. This 90 minute session/tour starting at 6 am SLT on Friday March 16 is for educators who are new to WoW. Participants will receive tours with experienced WoW players - and did we mention students! Sisters of Elune Realm, United States Server.Registration for the field trip is required please email Participants will be emailed with login and server information. This tour does require you to register for a free account and download an application that can take 2 hours or longer depending on the computer. You will also need to download Ventrilo at  
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