Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Using Arts Processes for Learning in Second Life
Author(s): Niela Miller
Date Friday, March 16 08:00
Location: VWBPE Workshop Area
Abstract I have been developing new ways to use SL's technology ie building, textures, digital photos and painting to enable students and clients to do problem solving by creating symbolic representations of the self, an idea or a challenge and to work directly with the creation for increased insight, awareness and options. I will do a few demos showing students how to make use of SL tools and we will discussĀ  various applications for teachers and students involved in meaning-making curricula such as philosophy, psychology, or any learning situation in which participants are free to explore ideas and creative solutions to problems.
Bio(s): Niela Miller:

Niela Miller, M.S. Education & Communications, is known as Marly Milena in Second Life. She has been designing and implementing creative learning experiences since she arrived in SL in 2007. Her group inworld is called Octagon:Creative Exploration.

She has a background in many arts, education, organization development, group facilitation and humanistic psychology. She has worked in many venues including corporations, non-profit organizations, academia, medical environments and professional conferences. Her main interest is training people who work with people in any capacity, such as teachers, therapists and coaches, how to enhance what they already do by adding arts processes and models from humanistic psychology. She is a composer, fine artist and writer. For more information, please see her website:

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