Track: Games & Simulations

Title First Responder Round Table Discussion
Author(s): Patrick Thorkveld
Date Friday, March 16 17:00
Location: Rockcliffe Rotunda
Abstract Catastrophic Planning and Management, CP-MI, of FIRST RESPONDER-SL to VWBPE for a round table discussion on the First Responder Training Site. They intend to invite several representatives of various task forces to discuss the upcoming training operation at First Responder in Second Life. They will invite representatives of the US military, Doctors without Borders, the Red Cross, fire brigades etc. and the task forces responsible response to national and international natural catastrophes such as tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural and man-made disasters. The challenge that First Responder has set out to meet is to bring these groups together in a simulation training site in Second Life. Catastrophic Planning and Management Institute has contributed to the development and definition of the National Response Framework for disasters and also worked with Joint Forces Command to create this sim in Second Life. A pilot of this capability was also presented to the appropriate USA Congressional committees for approval. The project maintains official not for profit status and receives no funding. The experiential immersion experience which the CP-MI teams created in Second Life is a truly amazing project that not only role-models the high level of technical simulation possible, but also illustrates how through the efforts of a small group a whole expert community in Second Life is formed, as well as a movement that has started to attract the free offering of services. For example, major corporations have offered to contribute components to assist in dealing with national and global disasters. CPMI is a not for profit organization which works with USA Federal agencies and well as components of the Department of Defense and has been cultivated to participate in projects with the United Nations and NATO. Their purpose is specifically to review and develop and integrate processes and applications which exponentially expedite the capability for catastrophic management.
Bio(s): Patrick Thorkveld: Patrick is based in DC and holds a phd in Biomedical psychology at Northwestern University and who has a post grad in business at Harvard. He used to work for the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and saw first hand the damage done tornados, earthquakes, fires, by Katrina, Ivan, Frances, Ike etc.During Katrina, he worked for Admiral Allens Command Cell and also for FEMA and DHS special operations. He developed the alerts and warnings protocols for the USA and a catastrophic plan which expedites exponentially - catastrophic planning and management. (His complete Bio will be submitted shortly)

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