Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title MachinEVO
Author(s): Heike Philp
Moderator(s):Stephen Sixpence
Date Saturday, March 17 13:00
Location: Machinima
Abstract MachinEVO was a 5-week workshop for the production of language learning conversations recorded in Second Life which took place in January/ February 2012 with some 128 participants, all of which were language eductors.During the 5 weeks the participants learnt machinima production skills thanks to a small group of expert advisors and produced some 20+ machinimas. What was amazing about this workshop is that whilst we asked for SL experience, we were blown away by not only the high number of participants but also the high level of activities which are attested to by the 44 blogs, 100+ photo uploads, 86 video uploads, 120 forum posts and up to 10 live sessions inworld a week. During this presentation we would like to demonstrate some of the highlights of the productions as well as introduce some of the winners of the MachinEVO award.
Bio(s): Heike Philp:  Heike Philp aka Gwen Gwasi is CEO of let’s talk online (founded 2003) and Director of Conference Streaming Solutions in Brussels, an accredited teacher training center for language teaching in real-time via the internet by means of virtual classroom technology and virtual worlds. With over 20 years in education and with Germany’s first live online language school, Philp co-initiated two European funded projects and worked with 35 European partners including 17 universities to develop accredited and certified teacher training courses.  These EU Projects are LANCELOT (LANguage learning with CErtified Live Online Teachers) and AVALON (Access to Virtual and Action Learning live Online. Philp runs her own online conference, the Virtual Round Table conference and is co-organizer of the SLanguages conference in Second Life. She co-owns EduNation islands in Second Life and her blog let’s talk online is a rich resource for language educators who want to work online. Currently she lives in Brussels and   Contact details Skype ID: letstalkonline Twitter: @heikephilp LinkedIn Facebook XING Email heike.philp[at] (main website/ blog, founded 2003) (Service of Learning Agency Network in Brussels) (co-initiator EU funded AVALON project) (co-initiator EU funded LANCELOT project) (community (organiser Virtual Round Table Conference) (co-organiser SLanguages Conference) (co-owner Second Life Island) (board member European Telecoaching Institut)

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