Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Massively Open Online ... Virtual Worlds, Games and Education
Author(s): Kavon Zenovka; Karla Schorzman; Stasia Weston
Tanya Smedley; Cat Flippen
Chris Luchs; Alysyn Middleton
Date Saturday, March 17 11:00
Location: Central Auditorium
Abstract The purpose of this session is to identify, discuss and explore an emerging movement in learning enabled by technology and taking place outside the formal F2F classroom format. Using the learning theory of connectivism, personal learning networks, social media and open content, traditional students and life longer learners are forming their own personal learning plans. Educators are also finding opportunities outside of structured professional development training to use social networks to have greater access to peers and mentors. This session will include information for Virtual Worlds, Games and Education MOOC setup as a post-conference synchronous and asynchronous course starting on March 19th and running for 4 weeks.
Bio(s): Kavon Zenovka:
Karla Schorzman:
Stasia Weston
Tanya Smedley:
Cat Flippen
Chris Luchs:
Alysyn Middleton:

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