Track: Posters

Title A Musical Odyssey
Author(s): Kate Miranda
Date Thursday, March 15 19:00
Location: Posters
Abstract When the musical crew sailed into virtual reality and began their epic journey from the safe port of Music Island, they did not know the journey, wonders and dangers that awaited them on an ongoing voyage of five years at sea. They have weathered attacks by giant cyclops griefers.  They have been mired in the Sargoso sea of lagdom, been wooed by the sirens to jump ship and pass through magic portals to alternate grids, and ahead they sea that they must pass through the clashing rocks of money and public apathy in order to reach their goal.  Throughout their journey they have had to use cunning and innovation to weather challenges and avoid shipwreck.Using Homer's Epic Poem "The Odyssey" as a tongue-in-cheek framework, this poster will chronicle a journey of exploration, adventure and amazement.  The main structure will be a ship that bears a resemblance to a musical instrument and stations that tell the story of different epic encounters faced by our heroic musical crew. Audio-visual content of selected concerts will be available to be played by visitors as well as hand-outs on the technology of streamed concerts.
Bio(s): Kate Miranda: During her career, Kate Miranda's RL personna (Linda Rogers) has worked in arts and non-profit management in roles including Artistic Coordinator at the Buffalo Philharmonic, interim Executive Director of Opera Ontario, General Manager of Soundstreams Canada and Executive Director of the Toronto Philharmonia.

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