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Title Open Simulator Tools & Methods for Interpretive Aids in Virtual World Arts Presentation
Author(s): Tonietta Walters
Date Thursday, March 15 19:00
Location: Posters
Abstract This poster presentation will illustrate some of the Open Simulator tools and resources used  for NoumenArt Center for Applied Aesthetics - an interdisciplinary initiative that uses art-making processes and aesthetic theory as ground for the investigation and documentation of certain altered states of consciousness within the creative process. The approach of making art as an attempt to document and delineate the 'structure' in the phenomenology of creating necessitates ensuring both reliability and efficiency in information processing.  The ineffable nature of certain portions of art practice inevitably affects judgments of the phenomenal qualities of the processes and experiences involved.  The work of art itself as a visual cue should engender vivid recall of the experience – eliciting perceptual (colour, line and form), contextual (placement and movement of the parts of the body) and affective (emotional quality) information associated with the experience.  It is assumed that memory representations contain certain characteristics that reflect the conditions under which they were acquired (e.g. perceptual, contextual or affective information) and that judgments are made by evaluating the amount and nature of these characteristics. Documentation of the artwork (and corresponding verbal representations) within an immersive virtual environment facilitates maintenance of the initial expression without the expected deterioration of typical memory function in combination with other non-digital storage & retrieval methods.
Bio(s): Tonietta Walters: Tonietta A. Walters is i2Art Director for the Society for Mind Brain Sciences and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy for Broward College. She has a Specialized M.A. in Art and Philosophy of Mind/Cognitive Science from Florida International University and is an extramural doctoral student in Philosophy at Sofia University, Bulgaria.  A 2010 South Florida Cultural Consortium Media and Visual Arts Fellow, her artwork can be found in collections throughout the US, Brazil, France and the Middle East. She has also participated in group and solo exhibitions worldwide. Tonietta has curated several international art competitions or exchange exhibitions, and managed several museum/exhibition areas, both real and virtual. Through TAO Network, she has developed or overseen continuing arts projects in collaborative partnerships with organizations such as the City of Lauderhill Florida, The Office of the Secretary of Culture for the City of Suzano in Brazil, The American Museum of Creole Cultures, Flinders University Social Sciences and Miami Dade Virtual College. Currently, she is working on development of the NoumenArt Center for Applied Aesthetics on the Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy [MOSES] of the US Army Simulation Training & Technology Center.

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