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Title A Multidimensional Info-Sensorium Holodeck: Emerging Analytics to Measure General Organization Evolution
Author(s): Alfred Sepulveda
Date Thursday, March 15 19:00
Location: Posters
Abstract The info-sensorium holodeck is an immersive 360-degree, multidimensional virtual reality environment in which an organization advocate can observe, control, and readjust trigger points leading to key performance indicators (KPIs) being changed in real time. This is accomplished via multidimensional, multi-sensorial shapes (morphs) suspended holographically that help one visualize the evolution of and causal relationships between KPIs within the organization. By contrast, traditional organization analytics are comprised of 2-D graphs, charts, and tables that display certain attributes of an organization such as profit margins and other indicators of performance.  This environment will be known as the orgDECKTM in reference to the holodeck nature of its operation.
Bio(s): Alfred Sepulveda: Alfredo Sepulveda is currently in a post-doctorate position at the Colorado Technical University. He received his BS Math from Cal Tech, MS Math from Univeristy of Texas, San Antonio, and PhD Decision Science from Walden University. Alfred designs and implements electronic health records systems and health IT visual business analytics through his company Quantum Decision Research. Alfred's current interests include quantum, nature-inspired, and non-Aritotelian computation, information and game theories and holodeck design.

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