Track: Machinima

Title Machinima: 'Around the Campfire - Moon Theme'
Author(s): Jens Olsen
Date Friday, March 16 20:00
Location: Machinima

Video Link:

'Around the Campfire - Moon Theme'

Once upon a time in an EVO sessions workshop in Second Life, folks gathered to warm themselves, toast marshmallows and share their thoughts and stories as the moon rose in the sky……….. Our 5 weeks MachinEVO course for language teachers in Second Life - Our Machinima group project - a Cross Global project - Denmark - Germany - Finland - United States - made in in Second Life from 11th January - 12th February 2012. Jens Nerido (SL) and his group members Vicky Hollett, Almut Brunswick, Barbara Novelli, Nany and Julia - nominated for the MachinEVO 2012 Award BEST FILM for the artistic video production 'Around the Campfire - Moon Theme'

Bio(s): Jens Olsen: Danish Teacher taking part in MachinEVO workshop 2012:

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