Track: Exploration of Virtual Worlds

Title Basics of Cloud Computing
Author(s): Lyle Tompkins
Date Friday, March 16 17:00
Location: Machinima
Abstract Cloud Computing is the new paradigm in IT services and Second Life is the best way to offer the most accurate picture of what it means. Using a poster and a link to playing on that poster in Second Life, we plan to show the major pieces of Cloud Computing including the Portal In (client to supplier), Virtualization, Redundancy, Security, Cost and Portal Out (supplier back to client) but more importantly show how Second Life can be used to educate on many different levels. The level of teaching anyone the basics of Cloud Computing is on a par with teaching Internet use, Information Technology or any other technical tools that one has to start with the basics and work their way up from there. In Second Life this was demonstrated by rooms represented by clouds with each station (room) exhibiting one of the major pieces of Cloud Computing in an entertaining manner. For example, the intent to demonstrate virtualization is a ghostly clear poster with the description spoken when touched through the use of videos created by the designers. Redundancy is shown by twin speakers who voice the meaning and use of redundancy in Cloud Computing. Cost would be displayed by a Banker who will describe the utility style pricing of all services in the Cloud. This demonstration of the power of any Virtual World to be an educational universe at all levels is meant to inspire others to develop courses in other fields such as K-12, basic College Courses, Corporate training courses and more.
Bio(s): Lyle Tompkins: Doctorate of Computer Science - Emerging Media researcher and scholar - Colorado Technical University -currentlyMaster of Science in Management - Project Management - Colorado Technical UniversityMaster of Science in Management - Business Management - Colorado Technical UniversityBachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology - U Mass - LowellEngineering and design service in Military and Commercial companies for 42 years including management of up to 45 people and many Printed Circuit Board Projects including Baseboards for servers.Learning desire is driving me into the Virtual World and I am excited about the future use as multi-educational tool from basic "street knowledge" to Doctorate Programs that would stricly use a Virtual World.

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