Track: Posters

Title Design Studio Best Practices in Virtual Worlds Using Learning Modules Packaged in a Holodeck
Author(s): Karl Ostler
Date Thursday, March 15 19:00
Location: Posters
Abstract Prospect: By utilizing 3D space and the interactive collaboration tools found in virtual world environments such as Second Life, concepts can be presented in a manner that will engage and immerse the learner in a successful learning experience!Concept: This is a poster to capture the development of a design studio learning module packaged in a holodeck. This will include a design/build process for a Virtual Design Studio based on sound learning principles and which presents content in an informal fashion and packaged as a portable compact learning module. Key concepts and topics of the learning module are centered on Information Accountability and Web Privacy Strategies with focus on basic Copyright issues and Patent rights as they apply to Engineering Design students.  
Bio(s): Karl Ostler: Doctoral Student at CTU, studying Computer Science with emphasis in Emerging Media.  

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