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Title MOSES: An Open Source Educational Research Environment
Author(s): Cynthia Calongne
Date Thursday, March 15 19:00
Location: Posters
Abstract MOSES is a education grid that is designed to strengthen the capabilities of open source tools and to provide a free, stable, educational environment through open source software. The people who support MOSES come from all walks of life, including researchers, educators, software designers, simulation experts, miiltary strategists, defense contractors, artists, content creators and emerging media technologists. MOSES is sponsored by the U.S. Army's Simulation and Training Technology Center. Review the progress to date and discover how you can get involved.
Bio(s): Cynthia Calongne: Dr. Calongne is a Professor and Chair of Emerging Media in the CTU Doctoral Program at Colorado Technical University since 1996. As an active researcher, she has given 100 conference presentations in 6 years and has 13 years of software engineering experience with Air Force Space Command and on Capitol Hill.Her team won the grand prize in the 2010 Federal Virtual World Challenge for the Mars Expedition Strategy Challenge.Today, her research spans virtual worlds, game design, emerging media and software engineering.  

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