Track: K-12

Title Virtual Treasure Hunting: Teen Girl's Game-Making in OpenSim
Author(s): Christine Liao
Moderator(s):Ti Mosienko
Date Saturday, March 17 10:00
Location: CAVE/EdTech Auditorium
Abstract Tech Savvy Girls was a summer camp for middle school aged minority girls aimed at empowering them with computer skills and facilitating their understanding of the collaborative nature of creating technology applications in the work place. OpenSim provided an opportunity for the girls to learn to work as a team and gain a basic understanding of game-making. They learned how to create objects and how to use “Scratch for OpenSim” and “Script Me” to create scripts which enabled their avatars to interact with their creations. They worked as a team to create their own treasure hunting game, which included designing the environment (island), creating a story for the game, and building a device with scripts that showed when they found hidden treasures. Each group saved their island as an OAR file so they could share their games with friends and use their personal “OpenSim on a stick” to play the game at home. This presentation will discuss the process and challenge of teaching game-making using OpenSim.
Bio(s): Christine Liao:

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