Track: Exploration of Virtual Worlds

Title Chinese Space Program Simulation
Author(s): Scott Grant
Moderator(s):BigRed Coyote
Date Thursday, March 15 20:00
Location: Machinima
Abstract A proof-of-concept simulation of the Chinese space program has been set up on Monash University 2 Chinese Island. The purpose of the simulation is to demonstrate an interactive and experiential learning model focused on Chinese culture (with some language elements), both modern and historical, and aimed at Year 7-9 students.Australian high schools are facing a high attrition rate of non-background learners of second languages, particularly Asian languages. This simulation has been designed to be a platform for learning about the modern Chinese space program and its historical roots. The simulation provides learners with the opportunity to fly a mission in a Chinese Shenzhou rocket up to the Tiangong 1 space station which in real life was placed in orbit in late 2011. However, in order to be qualified for a mission, learners will have to undergo some initial training back on earth that involves learning factual and historical information about gunpowder, rockets and the modern space program.In addition to the content, quizzes and simulation to be demonstrated in Second Life, teachers would be able to design a whole range of associated learning activities to be carried out by students both in the virtual and real world. The whole simulation aims at bringing the learning of cultural and linguistic knowledge alive in a fun, interactive and experiential way and was designed with middle school learners of Chinese language and culture in mind.
Bio(s): Scott Grant: Chinese Studies ProgramFaculty of ArtsMonash UniversityCoordinator Chinese 1& 2 / Chinese Media Studies 1 & 2

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