Track: Games & Simulations

Title Enhancing a Scavenger Hunt Game to Increase Student SL Skills and Content Knowledge
Author(s): Wendy Keeney-Kennicutt
Moderator(s):Ladyslipper Constantine
Date Saturday, March 17 11:00
Location: VWBPE Workshop Area
Abstract We know that Second Life has a steep learning curve for students new to virtual worlds.  However, many students skip basic orientation instructions.  I have altered a commercial scavenger hunt (A&A Networked Scavenger Hunt by Alice Klinger) to help my first year chemistry students (1) develop SL skills such as working with inventory, chatting, interacting with objects, taking photos, as well as (2) start to visualize molecules in 3-D.  This project had to be asynchronous since I have 600 students in my university class.  Of the students polled, 86% found that this game was useful for developing SL skills.  I will be demonstrating the game, allowing the audience to play and sharing my changes.
Bio(s): Wendy Keeney-Kennicutt: Dr. Wendy L. Keeney-Kennicutt earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry from Queen’s University in Canada before earning a Ph.D. in oceanography from Texas A&M University in 1982.  After a 2 year postdoctoral fellowship, she joined the TAMU chemistry department in 1984.  She now serves as an assistant instructional professor and associate director of the first year chemistry program in the Department of Chemistry and has coordinated the very successful outreach program, ACS Chemistry Open House and Science Exploration Gallery for the last 12 years.  She has been a member of ACS since 1995 and has served as Alternate Councilor in the Texas A&M local ACS chapter since 2005. Wendy has received numerous teaching awards including the Association of Former Students Distinguished Award in Teaching at the college (1991) and university (2001) levels, the titles of Presidential  Professor for Teaching Excellence (2009) and the 2010 Piper Professor for Teaching Excellence.  Her present chemical education research interests include investigating the use of the virtual world of Second Life in teaching chemistry and improving spatial ability, as well as assessing how her innovative teaching methods are impacting student classroom learning.

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