Track: Exploration of Virtual Worlds

Title The Four Bridges Project - A Virtual Sustainable Community
Author(s): Amy Cross
Moderator(s):Ladyslipper Constantine
Date Saturday, March 17 13:00
Location: CAVE/EdTech Auditorium
Abstract Four Bridges is a virtual sustainable global community model founded on the four principles of respect for nature, universal human rights, economic and social justice, and a culture of peace.   As our mission indicates, we are a model community. We have been in a state of constant evolution since our beginning in February 2009. A large portion of what we do revolves around education. We believe that awareness is education is awareness. It is a circuitous process of understanding and change making and we are committed to providing excellence in the projects and presentations that we undertake and share them “open-source” with the Four Bridges Community as well as the Second Life Community at large.   Through our Student Volunteer Program, we provide students and faculty around the globe the opportunity to work in an international and interdisciplinary environment on projects of social significance relative to community. Through presentations and seminars, we open education to the larger community on topics of sustainability, activism and wellness. We are looking into the possibilities of offering a series of certificates and badges in many areas such as Transformative Mediation, Nonviolent Conflict Resolution, Digital Activism and Universal Design.   Our recent affiliation with the University of Maine will provide many levels of academic advancement including accredited courses, certificate programs and course design.
Bio(s): Amy Cross: Amy Cross is a Doctoral Student in an Interdisciplinary PhD Program at the University of Maine. She is exploring the use of Technology in Higher Education and Social Issues. She is also the founder of the Four Bridges project in Second Life as well as the Virtual World Coordinator for Amnesty International USA.

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