Track: Posters

Title Baseball in the Virtual World
Author(s): Tom Connors
Date Thursday, March 15 19:00
Location: Posters
Abstract This game, for any number of participants, simulates a home run derby. Each participant is provided with a bat, which they can attach to their body at whatever angle and location they find most preferable.  Batters approach the plate when it is their turn, and click either the left or right side of the plate to assume a batter’s pose. Once the avatar is in place, a countdown indicates the expulsion of a baseball from within the plate. The ball fires straight up, and if it is not hit, falls back into the plate. The user clicks on the ball to swing their bat and, hopefully, hit the ball. The ball tracks the distance it covers. Whoever hits the farthest wins the contest. 
Bio(s): Tom Connors: Programmer with Sciethics Interactive.

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