Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Theorycraft: Quantitative Analysis in World of Warcraft
Author(s): Abacus Capalini; Michael Liucci; Kavon Zenovka
Date Saturday, March 17 13:00
Location: Central Auditorium
Abstract This session will explore the cognitive surplus that exists inside the World of Warcraft MMORPG and on fan sites. With over 11 million players, World of Warcraft enjoys the surplus productivity of these players as they have developed extremely detailed meta data for free. Many of these meta data sites focus on the quantitative analysis and the idea of optimizing performance according to each class of player. Participants will be given a glimpse of the world of theorycraft and see that players are not just playing, but the creating models, algorithms based on game mechanics as well as macros and mods.
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Michael Liucci:
Kavon Zenovka:

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