Track: Machinima

Title The Storyboard: Conceptualizing Your Machinima Idea as a Storybook
Author(s): Phylis Johnson
Moderator(s):Karelia Kondor
Date Saturday, March 17 14:00
Location: Machinima

By the time you put your idea on paper, conceptualizing it through your treatment, script and imagery (illustrations, photographs), you begin to realize you have the makings of a storybook, especially when you are dealing with machinima, or real-time animation.   This presentation discusses the evolution of the storyboard into a storybook, as perhaps an off shoot of preproduction or as a complement to a machinima.   Location, lighting, animations, and character creation are given particular attention, as well as the online and hard copy publication of the storybook, one that has the graphic richness of the recent classic, Toy Story.   It is a great way to add value to the storyline behind your machinima idea, as well as appreciate how photography provides the foundation for in-world filming.   And you might realize that the storybook is actually the appropriate medium for your message, and that will ultimately save you time and resources.

The presentation discusses the process of making the storybook, creation to publication, and draws upon the storyboard as a framework.

Bio(s): Phylis Johnson: Phylis Johnson, PhD (Sonicity Fitzroy, SL), professor of sound and new media studies in the Department of Radio-Television at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL (USA), is the author of four books, including Second Life, Media and the Other Society (Peter Lang, 2010) and Machinima: The Art and Practice of Virtual Filmmaking (McFarland, March 2012).  Her next project, Moving Sound: The Cultural History of the Car Radio, connects the radio to the road, technologies and mobility (Peter Lang, 2014).  She has published and presented in numerous journals, internationally and has more than 20 years of professional media experience. Dr. Johnson is also a journalist and media maker in Second Life, and teaches regularly inside the virtual world.  She is also the chief strategic officer for Lowe Runo Productions, LLC, a machinima and full-service media company. 

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