Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Use Open Sim and Second Life to Help Students Conquer 3Ds Max
Author(s): Hsiao-Cheng Han
Moderator(s):Cat Flanagan
Date Friday, March 16 14:00
Location: CAVE/EdTech Auditorium
Abstract Students who have never used 3D software have a fear of high-end software such as 3Ds Max or Maya. I have found the building interface of SecondLife and Open Sim are similar to 3Ds Max but much easier to learn; therefore, I have used Second Life and Open Sim to conquer their fear of 3D software. Since I was not able to afford an island in Second Life and had no resource to build my own Open Sim, I use the Sim-on-Stick for teaching. It is almost free for the students and me, and the results are very rewarding. After students had visited Second Life and learned to build in Open Sim, I taught them how to use 3Ds Max, which has a small learning curve for them. Students also learned how to make sculpty to import objects from 3Ds Max to Open Sim. This semester, students have learned how to use Second Life/Open Sim, 3Ds Max, Goldwave, Camstudio, and Movie Maker. Their final project is a short machinima to introduce their Open Sim world. I asked them to upload their videos to YouTube and have an exhibition in Second Life. They were more motivated because their work can be seen by people from around the world. To use Second Life and Open Sim teaching 3D animation course helps students build their confidence and creates stronger motivation to learn higher end 3D software.
Bio(s): Hsiao-Cheng Han: Sandrine Han, aka Kristy Handrick in SL, an assistant professor in Visual Communication Design Department, Hsuan Chuang University, Taiwan. Sandrine is a Ph.D. in Art Education. Her dissertation is about visual learning, distance learning, and visual culture in 3D visualized virtual worlds.

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