Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Teaching Prejudice and Discrimination Using Second Life
Author(s): Serene Tan; Rui Jun Lee
Date Thursday, March 15 20:00
Location: Rockcliffe Rotunda
Abstract Welcome to Maletopia, a Second Life build that seeks to facilitate students’ exploration of ideas in prejudice and discrimination, one of the topics in the General Paper (GP) curriculum. The presentation will cover the rationale, objectives and design of the lessons revolving around Maletopia, which will be implemented in April 2012, by the GP Unit from Innova Junior College (Singapore, Grades 11-12). Through adopting the identities of their avatars, it is envisaged that Maletopia provides a stimulating environment for students to ‘leave behind’ their actual identities and engage in fruitful dialogues for enhanced understanding of prejudice and discrimination issues.
Bio(s): Serene Tan: msserene (RL name: Serene Tan) teaches A-level General Paper at Innova Junior College, Singapore. Her interest areas include language education, and the use of ICT in teaching and learning. 
Rui Jun Lee: missrj (RL name: Ruijun Lee) loves the rigour of discussions, be it in the virtual world or real world, and likes to try out innovative ways, especially using ICT tools, to engage the class in discussion. She teaches A-Level General Paper in Innova Junior College, Singapore.

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