Track: Machinima

Title Pic du Midi a Virtual Tour
Author(s): Revel Peters
Date Friday, March 16 20:00
Location: Machinima

Video Link:

This video shows the uses of 3D media to create realistic reproductions of real world locations as well as provides students with a venue to show off their work. The creation is made on opensim software on a non profit grid known as New World Grid. This shows users how one community based in Europe is using this open sourced software to create not only educational material and classrooms, but deliver artistic and creative works in a 3D social media setting. It brings together people from all walks of life all over the world to work, discover and create. In this case the teacher is a high school teacher of science based in France who has created a virtual classroom as well as a place for students to show off their work. He chose to create with the group on this grid a reproduction of an observatory setting well known in france. The reproduction is detailed, realistic and extremely accurate

Bio(s): Revel Peters: Hello I work and create in New world Grid. I am a person who enjoys creating media by merging the 3D virtual world and film making to create video/movies. I do instructional videos as well as videos that have entertainment value.

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