Track: Exploration of Virtual Worlds

Title Taking a proactive approach to virtual campus tours - 3D Virtual Campus Tours
Author(s): Andrew Hughes
Date Saturday, March 17 09:00
Location: Tour Departure Area
Abstract Traditional campus tours provide potential students first-hand experience of a campus; however, their biggest drawback is that driving distance often limits that experience to the few who live close enough to take them.  In the last decade, a variety of technological tools have been developed to provide the campus tour experience to a wider geographic audience.  Most have fallen short in duplicating that experience, as might be expected of such a technology in its early stages.  Today, however, we’ll explore the evolution of the virtual campus tour to its current state, providing an astoundingly realistic immersion in the campus experience in the web browser. 3D Virtual Campus Tours has revolutionized the way students view a campus online. We would like to share with school representatives why it is so important to take a more proactive approach to recruiting and engaging the video game generation entering college. Rather than potential students viewing the information in a passive manner, why not engage students by providing the opportunity to actually walk around the campus just as they would in an on ground campus tour? Real time communication through voice and text chat along with life-like 3D replications of the campus offers not only a true representation of the campus, but does so in a way that the generation entering college is accustomed to.
Bio(s): Andrew Hughes: Andrew Hughes founded Designing Digitally, Inc. which specializes in developing the virtual spaces needed to create effective learning environments. Andrew has extensive experience in education as an instructor at both the University of Cincinnati and at the Art Institute of Ohio – Cincinnati. Andrew also was a consultant for the Ohio Board of Regents and the U.S. Department of Education for the Office of Innovation where he helped to develop ground-breaking learning spaces for the K-12 sector. The majority of Andrew's experience has been in the development of enterprise learning solutions for Higher Ed and for Corporations. Having successfully taken on responsibilities in instructional design, project management, sales, and leading his own team, Andrew has propelled Designing Digitally, Inc. to be a forerunner for the future of virtual immersion learning.

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