Track: Games & Simulations

Title One School's Approach to Vocational Transition: Gaming
Author(s): Kim Flack; Dave Flack
Moderator(s):Karelia Kondor
Date Saturday, March 17 08:00
Location: Builder Brewery Pavilion
Abstract This World of Warcraft (WoW) presentation will focus on the delivery of skills that enable students to build on college and career readiness.  WoW itself allows students to build on diverse skills as collaboration with others near and far, technical skills as they interface with their own computer platforms and perhaps most importantly, allows them to build academic skills in a format where they have enjoyed a modicum of success, i.e. gaming.  When the paradigm has shifted from traditional classroom delivery models into a more supportive learning community, results can be impressive.  I will incorporate students from my class into this presentation since they are true consumers of this product delivery. My presentation will utilize existing websites and cite various sources. 
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Dave Flack:

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