Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Introduction to Conscious Communication
Author(s): Laurel Ley; Jon Fleming
Moderator(s):BigRed Coyote
Date Friday, March 16 12:00
Location: Rockcliffe Rotunda
Abstract Societally, we are at a crossroads in how we conduct ourselves. Today’s environment includes a growing awareness and realization that our future collective fulfillment is dependent on our ability to exist and work in an interrelated fashion. This will take a shift of epic proportions in both the educational and business fields to facilitate such a transformation. In the fashion of Socrates, by reconsidering the way we relate and by learning new ways of communicating, we can build stronger relationships with our allies as well as those we inspire to a different way of thinking and feeling. Not only do we feel and work better with easier relationships, but the real “winners” are the individuals who will have fuller, richer lives and are more productive. “The very technology that as recently as the 1960s seemed about to betray us into a dehumanized future is instead proving a powerful medium for people in organizations to achieve direct connections in disregard of rank or division, thus giving means and impetus to a more humanized workplace. In this context, it is understandable that we are beginning to speak of our organizations in a more humane language, to talk of cultures and values, relationships and inspiration, mentors and meaning, instead of using the old factory language of input and output, supervision and control.” (source: Sally Helgesen, “The Web of Inclusion: Architecture for Building Great Organizations)
Bio(s): Laurel Ley: In “first life”, Laurel is completing a Master of Art in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga, having already completed a Graduate level Certificate in Servant Leadership. At UNF, she is completing a separate Graduate level Certificate in Transformation of Conflict. Professionally, Laurel is a strategic consultant having spent most of the 80s working with Leo Burnett Advertising in Chicago working on two of the top five brands in the world. Her longer bio can be found here -- As part of her degree from Gonzaga and to address the school's need for more information. Laurel is designing and conducting research on "The benefits and constraints of using Second Life as a medium for graduate education."Laurel has studied Conscious Communication for more than two years, completed a year-long immersion program in NVC Mediation, has participated in numerous workshops, and has been accepted into two new year-long programs for 2012.
Jon Fleming: Jon has completed 7 workshops with multiple trainers as well as individual training in the field of Conscious Communication and related topics. He will be participating in a year-long immersion program in Compassionate Leadership with a focus on NVC Mediation and Restorative Processes.

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