Track: Posters

Title Running a journal club in Second Life
Author(s): Sheila Webber; Marshall Dozier
Date Thursday, March 15 19:00
Location: Posters
Abstract This exhibit aims to provide insight into the practicalities and motivations concerned with running a journal club (JC) in Second Life (SL) on Infolit iSchool island. The JC has a focus on research in Information Literacy and Information Behaviour. Since September 2010 we have held regular (usually monthly) meetings. A JC typically involves a discussion leader proposing a published research paper which is subsequently critiqued at the JC meeting. JCs are particularly valued in the health sector (see Deenadayalan et al., 2008)  and also used in other disciplines and professions (e.g. Young and Vilelle, 2011). Traditional journal club meetings take place face to face, but virtual journal clubs have also formed, including ones using Twitter. The authors, who run the SL JC,  plan to investigate the motivations of club participants through a case study, drawing on chatlogs, snapshots, field notes, focus groups, interviews and a questionnaire. So far initial documentation has been gathered and a pilot focus group carried out. The VWBPE exhibit will include: posters depicting the process of the Infolit iSchool journal club (how papers are chosen, session management  etc.); web-linked panels to the previous JC papers; pictures and machinima of the JC room; and a poster on the process and outcome of the pilot interview. Interactive elements will include a short survey and a notecard box for sharing experience. An example JC meeting will be scheduled during the exhibition, with participation at a limit to be set by the organisers.
Bio(s): Sheila Webber: Sheila Webber is a faculty member of the Information School at the University of Sheffield, UK, and Director of the Centre for Information Literacy Research. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and of the UK's Higher Education Academy. Sheila is an internationally invited speaker in the field of information literacy (invited to Canada, Estonia and Poland in 2011) and a member of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions' Information Literacy Section Committee. As Sheila Yoshikawa in SL she is owner of Infolit iSchool.
Marshall Dozier: Marshall is part of the IS Consultancy team for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, within the Information Services division of Edinburgh University. She is also part of the programme team for the MSc in e-learning, which includes use of Second Life. Marshall’s interests include information behaviour, online learning and aspects of medical education such as problem-based learning and evidence-based medicine. She has presented within and outside the UK in her areas of expertise.

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