Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Popularisation and Outreach of Science in the Italian Second Life Community - Best Practices
Author(s): calliope lexington; Talete Flanagan; Giovanna Giovanna Delphin; Loris Talon
Moderator(s):BigRed Coyote
Date Saturday, March 17 09:00
Location: CAVE/EdTech Auditorium
Abstract Second Physics, founded by Talete Flanagan, is an Italian no-profit group for the popularisation and outreach of science in Second Life.  Since 2009 Second Physics has been carrying out  the projects: “Scienza on the Road”, “Cafè della Scienza”, "Scien&Art ", “Second Campus” and  “Doppio Cerchio”, that have strongly contributed to the popularisation of science, physics in particular, among the Italian community in SL. Some of these projects are realized in collaboration with other SL groups engaged in the cultural aspects of the metaverses. For VWBPE12, Best Practices Showcase, Best Practices Presentation, Second Physics proposes a cooperative lecture -  “The epic of Science!” - a special event of Science on the road, since 2009 a project in collaboration with Immersiva.2life, group for the popularisation of culture and art.  Scienza on the Road is an itinerant project, to reach a varied audience in the Italian lands. This guarantees the maximum diffusion and stimulates the integration of the Italian communities. The conversations are broadcast in web streaming. The subjects dealt with comprise Sub-nuclear physics, Cybernetics, Emotional Economy and Science and Scientific Fiction, Molecular Biology, Optics, Mathematics and many others. Physicists, teachers and experts with RL teaching and popularising  experience give lectures on scientific subjects, often with the help of interactive tools - sculptures, fractals, atomic models, optical illusions. The special  lecture planned  for  VWBPE will extract from the already given lectures specific cases that will show how “Science is really epic!”. The lecture will be in Italian, with a brief introduction and traslation on a dedicated blackboard for the non-Italian speaking attendees. The audience can ask questions and discuss with the lecturers.
Bio(s): calliope lexington: Lectures and lessons for science popularisation with Second Physics. Organization of science exhibitions in SL. Teacher in RL, interested in virtual worlds for culture, communication, teaching. 
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