Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Experience in Applying Virtual Worlds to Training in a Business Environment
Author(s): AgileBill Krebs
Moderator(s):Bluebarker Lowtide
Date Friday, March 16 15:00
Location: Rockcliffe Rotunda
Abstract Virtual Worlds hold great potential for interactive education.  Such delivery can produce better learning results than less interactive formats.  However, advocates experienced in immersive environments may be unprepared for the shock to clients in the business world.   This presentation presents and experience report of one organization’s effort at deployment.   The initial failures built lessons for future approaches.First a set of virtual world tools were tried in turn.   Second Life, OpenSim, VenueGen, Web.Alive, Teleplace, Telepresence, Skype, Lync, Webex, Unity3d, and Sococo ware all used in an environment of distributed teams spanning a twelve hour timezone gap with many locations. 207 people tested some of the tooling approaches for fourteen months.The experiences has shown patterns of failure and success in meeting needs, uses of , and deployment for virtual technology.  Is the tool for distance collocation?  Or can bit be used for mostly co-located teams?  What are common objections of the curmudgeons?  What steps need to be taken to maximize chances of success?   How do the tools fit together in a larger strategy?  What metrics can highlight early warning signs of trouble?This presentation lays out the lessons learned, and recommendations for success.
Bio(s): AgileBill Krebs: "AgileBill" Krebs has worked as a developer, performance engineer, and consultant at five IBM Labs since 1983. He’s used and taught Agile software development methods including Scrum and Lean since 2001 to over 1,000 engineers and managers worldwide. He’s presented at Agile conferences, IBM Research, and served as the co chair for the IBM Academy of Technology conference on Agile.But that was the old world.In 2009 Bill formed his own company specializing in teaching Agile with tools for global collaboration.  He is on the board of directors of Rockcliffe University online and hosts its project managment forum.Since 2009 Bill teaches both face to face and using Virtual worlds – not just to save money, but to provide better learning experiences.  He serves the Agile community through hosting virtual events such as Rockcliffe University's Project Managment Forum, and conferences.Bill's certifications include Scrum Master, Scrum Practitioner, MBTI, Innovation Game facilitator, and virtual worlds from the University of Washington.His community service time is devoted to raising awareness of the need for accessible software and events ( is a member of Agile RTP, Agile 3d, Agile Carolinas, APLN, PMI, ASTD, ISTE, IEEE, ACM, the Scrum Alliance, and Agile Alliance.He currently serves as full time Agile Coach

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