Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title One Big Soup
Author(s): Muze Ackland
Moderator(s):Edith Halderman
Date Saturday, March 17 08:00
Location: Rockcliffe Rotunda
Abstract One Big SoupMuze Ackland Productions is a multicultural entity that considers all cultures and sub-cultures an ingredient. One Big Soup is building a diversity network celebrating these cultures through the many interactive means available such as music, art, architecture, legends and language.We know how to help bring about cultural understanding using 3d web technology. Through multicultural education we can bring balance in the world by restoring cultural respect and honoring each others place in it. Just as in nature, when the removal of one seemingly insignificant element in nature and adversely effect or affect the entire ecosystem in an area.Balance is the thing needed in order to restore harmony in any such system, ecology, economics, political power, spirituality, etc. We acknowledge this truth and realize that every culture has something to offer the world. They are all an ingredient of One Big Soup we call "the world".Welcome to the 3D Web..It's where we are now and growing every day. If you zoom out, take a snapshot, zoom out again and again, you will see the network is ever expanding and accessible.
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