Track: Posters

Title Popularization and Outreach of Science in the Italian Second Life Community
Author(s): calliope lexington
Date Thursday, March 15 19:00
Location: Posters
Abstract Second Physics, founded by Talete Flanagan, is an Italian no-profit group for the popularisation and outreach of science in Second Life.  Since 2009 Second Physics has been carrying out  the projects: “Scienza on the Road”, “Cafè della Scienza”, "Scien&Art ", “Second Campus” and  “Doppio Cerchio”, activities that have strongly contributed to the popularisation of science, physics in particular, among the Italian community in SL. Some of these projects are realized in collaboration with other SL groups engaged in the cultural aspects of the metaverses.   The participation of Second Physics at VWBPE12 will be aimed at  illustrating those activities and the results obtained in terms of participation and fidelization, and will be based on items built for this specific Conference.   1 – A Poster Exhibit, with objects and movies to illustrate the communicative techniques, the target we address to and the specific popularisation and/or educational aims of the single projects; - the collaborative and organizational structure; - the language choice, the organization of the time of the lectures and the relevance of the interaction with the audience; - the activity of communication and the promotion of the events, the making of our blog, the writing of articles to be published  in the related magazines, the migration to other languages, the fidelization of the participants to the events; - the partnerships in SL, with the presentation of the activities of the group SL Physics Lab, founded by Otaner Merlin (English and Portuguese); - the partnerships in RL.   2 - An offer of  six guided tours of our Poster Exhibit, two in Italian, two in English, two in Portuguese, in a time suitable to all the continents.   As a gift to visitors to of the Second Physics stand we will distributed freely the bi-lingual books of several lectures delivered in the 2011 edition of Scienza on the Road.    
Bio(s): calliope lexington: Lectures and lessons for the popularisation of science with Second Physics.  Organization of science exhibitions in SL. Teacher in RL, interested in virtual worlds for culture, communication, teaching. 

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