Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Business case-study analysis through cross-cultural online student collaboration, using a virtual world environment, to simulate the complexities of gathering and analyzing relevant background data.
Author(s): Sabine Emad; Wade Halvorson; Leslie Bonjour
Moderator(s):BigRed Coyote
Date Friday, March 16 07:00
Location: Central Auditorium
Abstract More than fifty university students from Switzerland and Australia were virtually brought together in groups of four to analyze a marketing case study. Each team member was assigned a role, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Finance Manager and Market Expert. Information on the case was distributed throughout a Second Life location and each member of a team had to locate information relevant to their role in the virtual world environment. Analysis and a proposed solution from each group was only made possible by effective information sharing and collaboration within groups. Presentations took place in Second Life and the best solution from each country awarded a prize. In our fifty minute presentation we share the details of implementing this approach to case-study learning and discuss the strengths, weaknesses and improvements uncovered during our first implementation. We also discuss with the audience how this method could be transposed to other areas. The possibility may be offered, to those interested, to visit the platform where the simulation took place to experiment it by themselves.
Bio(s): Sabine Emad: Sabine Emad is professor of Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences – Geneva Business School (HEG). She is also program director of the Bachelor in International Business Administration at HEG. She has been working in the field of virtual worlds since 4 years. She manages the HEG island on Second Life and has been using this virtual world in her teaching since 2008. She is currently completing the dissertation of her PhD thesis in Information systems at the University of Lausanne on Teaching Marketing in Virtual Worlds. Prior to joining the academic world, She has completed a career in consulting and Industry, mostly in the area of consumer research, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, e-business and CRM.
Wade Halvorson: Wade Halvorson: is the author of Virtual Worlds: Marketing Implications and Applications (2010) in which he looks at virtual reality, the Internet and how new media is transforming the way we do business, teach & learn and manage relationships. He is Assistant Professor at the University of Western Australia Business School where he lectures in Marketing, e-Business and Electronic Communications Strategy. Involved in digital media for the past 15 years, Wade holds a PhD in e-Commerce from Lulea University in Sweden.
Leslie Bonjour: Leslie Bonjour: is research assistant at The University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland – Geneva Business School (HEG). She is currently preparing a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship Services Engineering and has been working with Sabine Emad on teaching Marketing in virtual worlds.

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