Track: Games & Simulations

Title Demonstration of a Virtual World English Lesson: The Cypris Chat English Learning Community
Author(s): Mike McKay
Moderator(s):Lloud Laffer
Date Friday, March 16 06:00
Location: Rockcliffe Rotunda
Abstract A common problem in the language learning classroom is the inability for students to have an adequate amount of time to practice speaking. In countries where English is not common this poses a substantial problem. Teachers in these countries also feel they cannot properly teach students due to their own insecurities related to speaking English. But what if teachers from around the world could help these teachers and students in a virtual world created for the purpose of learning languages.Over the past three years, the author has found that for a large population of English learners, virtual worlds such as Second Life are more rewarding than classroom learning. Interactivity as well as global cultural awareness and sharing have made the experience of learning English both motivating and fun. In this presentation/demonstration the Cypris Chat English learning community will demonstrate how tutors and hosts offer language learning and practice opportunities to our members. This will give attending teachers and educators the chance to see firsthand a lesson being taught. Cypris Chat members will be given a typical lesson and then be available for questions from the audience thereafter. Attendees are welcome to record the lesson and share with colleagues to demonstrate how effective virtual world learning can be.Presented by Mike McKay/Professor Merryman and the Cypris Chat communityWebsite: http://cyprischat.orgYouTube:
Bio(s): Mike McKay: Mike McKay (aka Professor Merryman) is an adjunct professor of English at Mukogawa Women's University in Nishinomiya, Japan. He is an American expat and holds a Master of Education (M.Ed.) with an emphasis in Technology. His research is focused on providing his students with more realistic opportunities for learning and practicing English. Technology has proven to be the best medium for him based on the fact that living in another English speaking country is simply not feasible. He hopes to provide English learners of all ages, young and old, with a place to learn, explore, live and enjoy in English.

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