Track: Exploration of Virtual Worlds

Title EVE Online Tour

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Author(s): John McKnight
Moderator(s):Cyber Placebo
Date Friday, March 16 19:00
Location: Central Auditorium

Notorious for the steepest learning curve in online gaming, EVE is in some ways the antithesis of SL, not least of all in players' objections to the introduction last year of avatars.What makes EVE so different, so hardcore, and yet such an object of passionate support, much like SL?Come on this tour of stunning spacescapes, mindbogglingly huge space stations and giant fleets of warships - and meet members of EVE University, EVE's pre-eminient teaching organization.May include a special event with EVE University students, professors and combat pilots, currently under negotiation.


Bio(s): John McKnight: Adjunct Professor of Law,Sandra Day O'Connor College of LawPhD Student, Human & Social Dimensions of Science & TechnologyArizona State University

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