Track: Theoretical & Research Papers

Title Space Makes You Bitter: The evolution of sandbox culture in Second Life and EVE Online
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Author(s): John McKnight
Moderator(s):Sonicity Fitzroy
Date Friday, March 16 18:00
Location: Central Auditorium

How did two multiuser sandboxes, created in the same year, evolve such radically different cultures as Second Life and EVE Online?Based on four years of ethnographic research in Second Life and extensive new work in EVE Online, this paper analyzes the interplay among designers, users, ideology and toolsets to examine emergent properties of cultural divergence.May be paired with a proposed tour of EVE Online, involving a meet&greet with passionate exemplars of the EVE culture.


Bio(s): John McKnight: Adjunct Professor of Law,Sandra Day O'Connor College of LawPhD Student, Human & Social Dimensions of Science & TechnologyArizona State University

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