Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Session 2: Application of subQuan to Algebra (4th Grade & up)
Author(s): Rebecca Reiniger; D.Cooper Patterson; Anna-Marie Robertson
Moderator(s):Pionia Destiny
Date Saturday, March 17 09:00
Location: Machinima
Abstract ItOnlyTakes1 and Dream Realizations (#2 Poster Session VWBPE 2011) are combining forces in using virtual worlds to teach and broadcast their belief that number sense in individuals can be enhanced visually.  Numbers have shape and color no matter what the container size (base).  This, in turn, makes expressions and equations very easy to recognize.  We can then derive algebraic equations from data alone and you can ‘see’ it.  This is a journey from pre-Kindergarten through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), so we have broken it apart in three sessions.  Please note that the previous sessions are a pre-requisite for the latter. Session 2 is a continuation from the introduction of subQuan.  We will be applying our ability to subQuan to recognizing metapatterns to derive Algebraic expressions and equations by sight.  Come find out how our use of a virtual world impacts the depth of learning number concepts and the foundational concepts of STEM.  Session 1 -”Learning numbers: Intro to subQuan (pre-K & up)” highly recommended.  Pre-requisite for Session 3 - “subQuan to Polynomial Derivation and beyond... (8th Grade & up)”.
Bio(s): Rebecca Reiniger: CEO & Educational Coordinator, Dream RealizationsMEd, Secondary Education, Mathematics, George Fox University
D.Cooper Patterson: Research & development, Dream RealizationsCognitive Engineer, ItOnlyTakes1
Anna-Marie Robertson: Educational Technologist/Instructional Designer, Dream RealizationsDirector of Curriculum and Instruction, ItOnlyTakes1Online HS Mathematics Educator

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