Track: K-12

Title Humane Education Exercises in SL
Author(s): Carl Icann
Moderator(s):BigRed Coyote
Date Friday, March 16 08:00
Location: Rockcliffe Rotunda
Abstract Humane Education has been conducted for decades in K-12 classrooms, teacher-training workshops, and now through distance education using Moodle. Adapting the techniques to live classrooms in virtual worlds presents interesting challenges. This session will share progress in adapting this curriculum to classes conducted as Second Life public events. Workshop attendees will engage in active learning exercises, after a brief introduction to techniques for teaching principles of human/animal ethics and ecology. The target audience is RL/SL teachers Grades 4+, adult educators, researchers, and parents. The facilitator of this session is not affiliated with Institute for Humane Education (IHE), but has completed IHE's "A Better World, A Meaningful Life" course. Internet resources on the topic will be shared, and an invitation to free follow-up workshops at Rockcliffe University in SL. Useful preparation: Please view the Humane Education introduction at  Thank You.
Bio(s): Carl Icann: Carl Solutionary (carlicann) is a Guest Lecturer at Rockcliffe University in SL. After completing the course Better World - Meaningful Life at Institute for Humane Education, Carl joined Rockcliffe to bring content and techniques they inspired into SL. Carl is active in the SL live poetry community, and is the instructional developer and facilitator of a class on Direct Democracy in SL.

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