Track: Exploration of Virtual Worlds

Title Going MAAD - The Growth and Educational Possibilities of Museums in Inworldz
Author(s): Alicia Corts; Barbara Zanzig; Bill Spurlock
Date Thursday, March 15 20:00
Location: Tour Departure Area
Abstract This tour will explore the educational possibilities in Inworldz, an alternative universe to Second Life. The tour will both explore the building possibilities and benefits of Inworldz as well as how those are being used by The Museum of American Architecture and Design, or MAAD, one of the premiere education sites in this other virtual world. From Indian theatres to full sim builds of a 1950s town, this tour will present the possibilities of virtual spaces in a grid that caters to builders.
Bio(s): Alicia Corts: Alicia Corts is a second year PhD student in the Department of Theatre and Film Studies. Her primary research is in the area of ritual performance within the virtual space and its affect on the creation of avatar identity. An actress, director, and designer, Alicia is excited about the possibilities for traditional and unimagined theatrical performance in virtual spaces.
Barbara Zanzig: Barbara Zanzig, a certified virtual worlds specialist, spent over twenty years in embedded system software engineering, quality assurance, and corporate training. She has directed large events in Second Life, owns a clothing shop in InWorldz, and now devotes her time to virtual museums and to training in virtual worlds.
Bill Spurlock: Bill Spurlock has spent years investigating the possibilities of Internet based communities, including founding the HTML Writers Guild, the Christian Webmasters Association, and Saving Graves, a website strongly committed to the preservation and protection of burial sites.

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