Track: Best Practices Showcase

Title Building Educational Assets Within Virtual Worlds
Author(s): Roxanne De Leon
Moderator(s):Illiana Lorefield
Date Saturday, March 17 08:00
Location: VWBPE Workshop Area
Abstract For a number of years, corporations, military, and education have used a number of virtual environments to immerse learners in engaging ways. The resources that have been created are endless and incredibly varied. In today’s educational environment, it is quite common for teachers to spend endless amount of hours creating materials to make curricular connections. Although Second Life is designed for people 18 and older, it has many excellent educational environments, which can be used to introduce or reinforce multi-curricular content for multiple grade levels. Participants will learn how to create Virtual World Based Educational Assets (VWBEA), research and find resources while exploring Second Life and finally will use video tools in the creation of these VWBEA. Join me as we explore diverse worlds to create educational assets to enrich content, clarify curriculum, and reinforce skills in an engaging manner for all students.  
Bio(s): Roxanne De Leon: Roxanne attended the University of Central Florida for her Undergraduate degree and received her Masters from Full Sail University. She has experience in both corporate and educational environments. As an educator, her focus turned to technology integration of real life applications based on curriculum standards. She is interested in technology-based student driven learning experiences within a virtual world environment and the development of high academic performance through collaboration and critical thinking across multidisciplinary areas. She has ten years experience teaching technology to grades K-8. She is responsible for development and student mentorship of the Capstone project as a required component for graduation. Roxanne is passionate about technology integration in the classroom, which leads her to be constantly searching on the latest instructional technologies as well as pedagogical approaches to benefit the education of differentiated learners.

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