Track: Games & Simulations

Title Approaching Training For Generations Entering The Workforce
Author(s): Andrew Hughes
Moderator(s):Ti Mosienko
Date Saturday, March 17 14:00
Location: Rockcliffe Rotunda
Abstract The training industry is changing rapidly, with new technologies and new advances in virtual worlds and gaming engines happening almost daily. With all the new virtual worlds and engines emerging, what effect does this technology have on our training initiatives and generations entering the workforce? What demand will the new generations put on us to advance our way of using social and formal education practices? This presentation discusses how virtual worlds and cost effective gaming engines are being used as effective tools to engage, educate, and entertain the new workforce. You’ll hear the experiences of organizations that are successfully using virtual worlds and gaming engines to build their immersive training and lessons learned from Designing Digitally, Inc.’s client builds. This session will provide participants with what to do to engage the new workforce entering the job market and how training will need to be approached differently than in the past. This session will help participants prepare better for both short-term and long-term decision making about what to do to train future generations entering the workforce.
Bio(s): Andrew Hughes: Andrew Hughes founded Designing Digitally, Inc. which specializes in developing the virtual spaces needed to create effective learning environments. Andrew has extensive experience in education as an instructor at both the University of Cincinnati and at the Art Institute of Ohio – Cincinnati. Andrew also was a consultant for the Ohio Board of Regents and the U.S. Department of Education for the Office of Innovation where he helped to develop ground-breaking learning spaces for the K-12 sector. The majority of Andrew's experience has been in the development of enterprise learning solutions for Higher Ed and for Corporations. Having successfully taken on responsibilities in instructional design, project management, sales, and leading his own team, Andrew has propelled Designing Digitally, Inc. to be a forerunner for the future of virtual immersion learning.

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