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Parcel IDPoster TitleGroup/Name
01Virtual Pioneer Poster SessionAndrew Wheelock
02Open Simulator Tools & Methods for Interpretive Aids in Virtual World Arts PresentationTonietta Walters
03ISTE SigVEScott Merrick
04Hypergrid BusinessMaria Korolov
05Afghanistan Virtual MuseumGwen Penner
06"VEJ - Savor Every Byte!"Roxie Neiro
07Experience Smithsonian Latino Art Collections in LVM’s Art IslandMelissa Carrillo
08NMAI Selected Content and Research Focus: Ancient Peoples/Modern MigrationsMelissa Carrillo
09Dia de los MuertosMelissa Carrillo
10MOOCKavon Zenovka
11Be Epic! Online and VirtualKavon Zenovka
Kate Hagerty
12Cognitive Dissonance, Social Constructivism, and PlayKate Hagerty
Melody Collier
Kavon Zenovka
13House Builders Extraordinaire Contest!Marianne Malmstrom
14Learning Genetics by Breeding Ozimals BunniesStephen Gasior
15New Dimensions for Virtual World Educators: The Vushi SystemChris Gibson
16The sky is no longer the limit!Roc Furse
17Massively MinecraftJoKay Wollongong
18A Musical OdysseyKate Miranda
19Muve Out of Your BoxLori Weedo
Lauren Thurman
20Senior Project® Center at P4DL, Inc.Kathleen Norris
21Academic Avatars: A Virtual Student Club at Florida State College at JacksonvilleRawlslyn Francis
22Running a journal club in Second LifeSheila Webber
Marshall Dozier
23Universal Design in Learning (UDL)Blu Heron
24Jibe/Unity 3D School Quick StartDavid Deeds
25Jibe: A web-based virtual world platform by ReactionGridJohn Lester
26Undersea Observatory for OpenSimJustin Reeves
27Number Recognition in a Virtual WorldRebecca Reiniger
28Baseball in the Virtual WorldTom Connors
29Rockcliffe University ConsortiumKevin Feenan
30Privacy Poetry PosterJason Murray
31Epic Educational AppsMarie Booz
32The SLAM system: learning languages through your avatarDarren Green
33Tech Stewarding in Second Life - An Example in the Educational Technology CommunityAmber Judge
34Explore the 2012 Maya Island while you have time!Stylianos Mystakidis
35Popularization and Outreach of Science in the Italian Second Life Communitycalliope lexington
36MOSES: An Open Source Educational Research EnvironmentCynthia Calongne
37Basics of Cloud ComputingLyle Tompkins
38Improving Female Participation in STEM Curriculum with Virtual WorldsJohnathan Richter
Jim Bailey
39Design Studio Best Practices in Virtual Worlds Using Learning Modules Packaged in a HolodeckKarl Ostler
40A Multidimensional Info-Sensorium Holodeck: Emerging Analytics to Measure General Organization EvolutionAlfred Sepulveda
ABoise State UniversitySponsor
BBuilder's BrewerySponsor
CVirtual AbilitySponsor
DDesigning DigitallySponsor
FPooky MediaSponsor

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