Machinima Auditorium

The machinima auditorium is in the same area as the poster / sponsor exhibits

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All times are Pacific Daylight-Savings Time (PDT) or SLT.

Friday, March 16

Time Title Main Author
20:00 Machinima: 'Around the Campfire - Moon Theme'
Jens Olsen
20:00 Crumple's Pet Skunk
Marianne Malmstrom
20:00 Pic du Midi a Virtual Tour
Revel Peters
20:00 Maya Island: a Library Exhibit and Tour
Valerie Hill
20:00 Show Case
Hsiao-Cheng Han
20:00 The Pillars of UWA in SL
Brad Curnow
20:00 Second Life Student Projects for English Composition and Literature Courses at Florida State College at Jacksonville
Rawlslyn Francis
20:00 Transformation: Virtual Art on the Brink
Lori Landay
20:00 IceOpal: A Virtual Interpretation of Amy Lowell's "Opal"
Lori Landay
20:00 Avatar with a KinoEye
Lori Landay
20:00 I Love Dancing @ Le Cactus
Lori Landay
20:00 EduMachinima Fest
Machinima Mania
20:00 Testic Ovary Tour
Doug Threebeard
20:00 Time Travelers - Episode 4 : The Pattern
Pooky Amsterdam
20:00 A Year in the Life
Pooky Amsterdam
20:00 Understanding the Holocaust Project
Andy Wheelock
20:00 Waking Up Part 1
Natalina DeVinna
20:00 Mi Tierra/Mi Mundo; My Land/my World
Melissa Carrillo
20:00 Dia de los Muertos 3D experience in the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum (LVM)
Melissa Carrillo
20:00 VWBPE "Saving the Universe" In School
Marianne Malmstrom
20:00 Minecraft - Community Part 3: Games
Marianne Malmstrom
20:00 Nimbus Racing Tutorial
Marianne Malmstrom
20:00 Mi Tierra/Mi Mundo; My Land/my World, a 3D adventure quest in Lvm Eco Explorers Adventure Quest Game in Unity 3D.
Melissa Carrillo
20:00 Sage Stories Part 1
LuAnn Philipps
20:00 Sage Stories Part 2
LuAnn Philipps
20:00 Sage Stories Part 3
LuAnn Philipps
20:00 Field Trips to Nuclear Power Plants
Ines Ores
20:00 Massively Minecraft How To: Minecraft Skin by Ninabanina (age 11)
JoKay Wollongong
20:00 Project M.I.S.T - Minecraft in Schools, Transforming Education! by the Project Mist Team (age 14-15).
JoKay Wollongong
20:00 Massively Minecraft: Check out what we made!
JoKay Wollongong
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