Common Technical Issues

Sound Problems

Q. How do I turn off the music?

A. Viewer 2 music controls are not obviously. They are in the upper right hand corner of your viewer to the right of the time.

Q. I can't hear what being said on the stage.

A. Assuming you have voice enabled, you do one of two things or both if needed.

  1. You can bring up the talk controls and manual adjust the volume level of the speaker. In viewer 1 this is the double bubble button next to the talk button. In viewer 2 this is the up arrow to the right of the talk button.
  2. You can edit your preferrences to change your Voice Chat settings to "hear voice chat from camera postion" and then use your camera controls to scroll in closer to the speaker which will increase the volume.

Q. Some things are far away - how do I make them closer?

A. Use the Alt Key + Left Mouse Click to show a magnifying glass with a "+" in it. You can now use your mouse to adjust the camera angle close to the stage. Hit ESC twice to reset the camera back to the default position once you are done.