General Information

VWBPE Gateway

The VWBPE Gateway is your departure point for all areas of the conference. If you get lost or need assistance simply come back to the VWBPE Gateway and a VWBPE Ambassador will be glad to help you out. The Gateway area has landmarks to all the major venue points in addition to swag bags, sponsor booths, and up to the minute schedule information.

New to Second Life

If you have never been in Second Life before we recommend that you set-up your account, look around and get your bearings a couple of days in advance. Docents will be on hand at many of the venue locations to help with minor technical problems. It is always good to ensure that you can walk, talk, and hear what is going on before getting to a big conference such as this.

We recommend that you use a viewer that is consistent with Linden Lab's Viewer 2 or Viewer 3 standards. These viewers include features such as web-on-a-prim that aren't available in older viewers.

Conference Etiquette

It is always good etiquette to ensure that you have your microphone turned off during presentations. If a microphone is left on and is disruptive to the presentation, your avatar will be 'sent home' until the issue can be addressed. This is to ensure that all participants can enjoy the conference.

Also, in recognition of sim load and to maximize the number of avatars we can have on a sim, WBPE requests that all attendees attempt to minimize their land impact. Heavy use of mysti-tools, scripted bling / accessories, and other non-essentials should be turned off or put away so as to decrease the load on the servers.

Conference Locations

Please note that these locations may not be open to the public until March 15th. For public locations which are open, please respect that there may be other activities going on in advance of the conference.

VWBPE Main Auditorium

Rockcliffe Rotunda

Builder's Brewery


VWBPE Workshop

Poster Exhibits and Machinima

VWBPE Social Center

Virtual Abilities - Exhibit / Sandbox

Virtual World Explorations Tours

Virtual World Exploration tours will cover a number of different virtual worlds this year. If you are planning on attending one of these sessions you must have the software pre-installed and an avatar account set-up in order to participate. The tour will not wait while you may be downloading software and/or patches. Please ensure that you come prepared.

People With Hearing Disabilities

Some presentations will have real-time transcribers for those people with hearing impairments (provided courtesy of Virtual Abilities). We are not able to provide transcriptionists for all presentations at the conference. Please check the schedule in advance.

Group Chat

Group chat during the conference will be facilitated through SL Groups. If you would like to participate in a back-chat discussion please join VWBPE.